About Us

Upstate Innovations is a team of driven professionals that has quickly made its name known in the sales and marketing industry. We consult with large, service based corporations that are interested in expanding their customer base in the Capital Region. Demands from the clients have changed over the past few years as their focus shifts to driving revenue while making sure to maintain their optimized customer acquisition cost. We provide an outlet for our customers to ensure customer retention and new client acquisition targets are met without having to sacrifice an amazing customer experience or integrity. Our personal approach with our clients customers allows us to bridge the gap between the two ensuring continued success on both ends.

We are a new firm with an aggressive expansion plan. Since we work with industry leaders there is an enormous potential for us to grow and continually fit our clients needs. Our internal growth model is based on the belief that organic growth is the best way to ensure we stay true to our values and deliver consistent results to our clients.  By providing ongoing training and development to our representatives we are confident that they will bring the best results for our clients and have the confidence to excel in business and in life.

Upstate Innovations was founded in mid 2018.  President Jake was born and raised in Upstate New York.  Jake has always demonstrated leadership abilities with drive and determination. With a background in competitive sports and entrepreneurship, Jake always knew he wanted to work with a company where he could work in a team setting, provide opportunities for growth to his employees, and be able to give back to the community that he loves.