We provide a unique opportunity with

Through integrity, professionalism, and unparalleled work ethic, Upstate Innovations is able to exceed our clients expectations.  Our goal at Upstate Innovations is to set a new bar in customer acquisitions, client retention, and continue to grow with new clients in different markets.

Ongoing training

Leadership Development

At Upstate Innovations, we believe that if our leadership is superb, we will continue to develop new managers in new markets. What better way to have stellar leadership than training them ourselves? ​ Every manager has been promoted from within our company and are offered several resources for continued development.

Moving forward

Positive Culture

Our company culture and environment at Upstate Innovations, stems from a positive belief – we are winners. Our entire team exudes positivity. If we have a problem, we not only find a solution, but make sure it generates results.

New Markets


Upstate Innovations was put together out of a need for client demand. As that need continues to grow, so will we.

Staying ahead of the Curve

Upstate Innovations has partnered with not only top clients, but top resources. We have the ability to find, generate, and produce revenue quickly in a fast paced economy. We know things are moving quick, so we do too!

Intelligible Resources

We offer several resources to our staff and customers to make sure that it is simple, easy to understand, and up to date.


Cost is the top of everyone’s priority list. It’s important for our client to make money while we save our customers money. Therefore, we offer value for our services after listening to your specific needs.


We are highly focused on our goals and yours which helps us achieve superior results.

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